Herol Graham
Three-time world title challenger
Although it’s a weird idea, weird boxing is better than no boxing! The main thing for me is the safety of the boxers and everyone else at the venue. As long as social distancing is in place as much as possible, then I think it could work. It’d certainly be strange, but the boxers would be happy to be out again.

Chris Sanigar
Promoter, trainer and manager
It all sounds absolutely crazy. You’d have laughed your head off if someone had suggested this to you six months ago. But as daft as it sounds on the surface, you can see how it would work. And if it’s proven that it will work, good to luck to him, let him carry on.

Ambrose Mendy
Benn’s former manager
I cast my mind back to 1989 and a tent we put up in Finsbury Park for Watson-Benn. Anything is possible. I do question how we monitor the success without the audience to judge and without the atmosphere. But in an era of deprivation we should welcome innovation. If it works, hallelujah.

Sam Sexton
Ex-British & C’wealth champ
With it being outdoors, I guess the weather could potentially be an issue, especially in the UK! From a boxer’s point of view, my question would be, where’s the money going to come from if there are no spectators and no ticket sales? It could work well for the viewers on TV, but maybe not for the boxers themselves.

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