Michael Conlan
Super-bantamweight contender

I don’t really care but I’m not enjoying Floyd in exhibitions as he’s the best of this generation, although who are we to criticise as he’s making serious money.

Paul Edwards
Former British champion

No. He’s fighting against someone who can never beat him at that age and he can earn that much money. But me personally I wouldn’t like to see it. I used to love watching his fights, he’s a masterclass boxer. But I’ve seen enough, it’s not making me like him any more.

Richard Poxon
Boxing manager and promoter

Personally, I’d have to say no. I just can’t see the point in terms of sport. That said he’s apparently earning a fortune so I suppose that while people and companies are willing to buy the events or financially back them then it’s going to carry on.

Mickey Helliet
Manager and promoter

I don’t have a problem with Floyd cashing in on the position he earned through his standout career but it’s closer to WWE than boxing. It’s a freak show and the public needs to realize that.

Alex Steedman
Commentator and podcaster

It’s not for me. He’s lining his pockets. I’m not convinced there is any positive spin for the sport. It’s barely connected really.

Declan Taylor
Sports reporter

I don’t care whatsoever.

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