OPRO is a brand well known in rugby. They are the Official Mouthguard of England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby and Australia Rugby as well as 10 of the Aviva Premiership teams. But the brand is moving into combat sports and boxing, where the mouthguard is one of your most essential pieces of kit.

This product is billed as the world’s most advanced self-fit mouthguard and there is a clever system for moulding it, superior to a standard ‘boil and bite’ type gumshield. It comes with a ‘fitting cradle’, a little frame that slots into the mouthguard so you can submerge it easily in boiling water and pluck it out straight away to bite into it and shape it round your teeth and gums.

It felt quite large at first and took me a little while to get used to (it’s worth remembering to bite down hard when shaping it) but it undoubtedly fitted well and firmly, there was no chance of it slipping out and there no problem breathing easily while working out in it.

The mouthguard itself contains 13 patented fins which are designed so that once broken down inside it gives a custom fit to your teeth and it has ‘stretch zones’ so it can be shaped to an individual’s mouth.

It boasts a durable outer layer for impact protection and flexible inner layer for comfort and fit. It did feel quite thick at first, though I soon got used to that and I didn’t notice it. Once the fitting cradle is removed it creates air cushions to maximize comfort, cushioning and protection.

It comes in a variety of designs, Fangz if you feel like snarling at your opponent, or else in different colours.

You can win one of these mouthguards, all you need to do is fill in a short survey. Click here for the details: www.opro.com/bn