June 27, 1992; Ballys Hotel and Casion, Reno, NV
TOMMY MORRISON was still some way from proving himself as a viable heavyweight contender when he took on Joe Hipp in 1992. Morrison’s subsequent struggle with Hipp only added to that narrative in the aftermath. Twenty eight years on it provides ample evidence that Morrison was not only a top heavyweight of the time but an astonishingly courageous one to boot. Hipp deserves fond memories too. Morrison ended the bout with a broken jaw and a broken hand while Hipp and his cracked cheekbone added to the injury list. With the bout in the balance in the ninth, Morrison – apparently exhausted – uncorked a right uppercut that knocked the last of the stuffing out of his foe.

DID YOU KNOW? Three years later, Hipp took George Foreman to court after the new heavyweight champion went back on a contracted agreement to fight him following the victory over Michael Moorer. In the end, Hipp realised he couldn’t compete with Foreman’s financial clout and withdrew his case.

WATCH OUT FOR: The pre-fight featurette on Morrison that features rare footage of him in Tough Man competitions and as an amateur, including his vested bout with future professional rival, Ray Mercer.