July 30, 2004; Freedom Hall State Fairground, Louisville, KY

IN 1960, Muhammad Ali started his professional career in this venue. Forty four years later, the same walls saw Mike Tyson’s journey end. Tyson would fight (and lose) once more, but it was on this night that his time as a world force reached a sudden conclusion. Crippled by debt and fighting for the wrong reasons, Tyson went all out for a stoppage in the first round. Williams, as brave as they come, just about kept his footing under fire before slowly but surely mounting his comeback. The big upset and the demise of Tyson claimed the headlines at the time but now – with the shock value long gone – the sheer excitement on display can be appreciated in a different way.

DID YOU KNOW? Sixteen years later, Williams is still being allowed to box and people are actually getting excited about the prospect of Mike Tyson coming back… No, I am not joking.

WATCH OUT FOR: The courageousness of Williams. He survives a real shellacking before picking the opportune moment to attack.