June 28, 1991; Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
ONE of the most controversial decisions in recent memory tarnished what had been a very good fight out in the open air in Las Vegas. Fenech did more than enough to win after a decent start by Nelson. When reflecting on the bout in 2016 with Boxing News, it was clear time hadn’t healed old wounds. “I was the first guy to be a three-weight undefeated champion,” Fenech began. “That would have been my fourth weight – undefeated. It had never been done but because of, let’s call them plain f**king stupid dumb f**king judges because they are, it doesn’t happen. These f**kers just keep getting employed again.” We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves.

DID YOU KNOW? Nelson, enraged with the criticism, predicted a seventh-round KO in the rematch. He asked his brother, working in his corner, to remind him when the sixth round was about to start so he could put his plan into action. But his brother was a round behind with the reminder and so too was Nelson, who stopped Fenech in the eighth.

WATCH OUT FOR: A tearful Fenech try to come to terms with the verdict in the post-fight interview.