July 9, 1983; DiVinci Manor, Chicago, IL
THE plan for 16-0 Frank Bruno was to go to America and put the wheels in motion to take over the world. As it turned out, this would be the only time Bruno won in the States (his other two appearances resulted in stoppage losses to Mike Tyson). But Bruno looked terrific against the ballsy Jameson, who tested some of the best big men of his time during his career. Hall of Fame scribe Colin Hart called the finish – conjured with a jab, left hook and right uppercut – as one of the most impressive he’d ever seen. It’s easy to understand why. In the space of five seconds, Jameson went from swarming pressure fighter to quivering wreck after tasting the very best of Big Frank.

DID YOU KNOW? The undercard contained a wonderful range of talent. There were wins for Barry McGuigan, Lloyd Honeyghan, American heavyweights James Tillis, Jeff Sims and a debut victory for future European welterweight champion, Alessandro Duran.

WATCH OUT FOR: The finish from Bruno. Even better when one considers Jameson would later go more rounds with George Foreman and Mike Tyson and last the distance with Tony Tubbs, Michael Dokes and Horace Notice.