WITH the number of bouts due to go on at the Bradford Hotel already having already fallen to five, the sum was reduced further in the days approaching the show when Halifax’s Kyle Scully was forced to withdraw following a car accident. Two six-round bouts with unbeaten boxers Darren Tetley and Jimmy First in the home corner, supported by two debutants in against experienced opposition over four, was the fare on offer. All four bouts were refereed by Fleetwood’s Steve Gray and all of them resulted in wide home points victories.

Brighouse lightweight Jimmy First, having won all seven previously, found himself the nominal bill-topper and enjoyed the experience by taking all six rounds against Telford’s busy Dean Jones.

Having picked up what looked like a slight nick but might have been just reddening above the left eye in the early stages, Jones found himself having to work clear of the ropes under fire on several occasions.

Bradford southpaw Tetley won 60-53 and banked six rounds, calling the shots throughout against Bolton tryer Chris Jenkinson, who with a shut-out defeat looming was sent to his knees in a neutral corner by a body shot midway through the last. 

First up had been Czech-born but locally-based cruiser Tomas Ivachov. Taller than Derby’s Elvis Dube and a few pounds heavier too, Ivachov ran out a 40-36 winner, relaxing with every passing round and scoring increasingly to the body.

Worcester’s Michael Mooney found himself in against confident Leeds new start Harry Fryer but despite being beaten 40-35, tagged by several particularly punishing shots downstairs and counted after going over backwards from a left early in the third he hung in and played his part in the bout of the night. Mooney replied regularly under fire against a classy-looking opponent who will be worth keeping an eye on.

The Verdict All four home boxers victorious on a show hit by withdrawals.

Darren Tetley (155 1/4lbs), 19-0 (8), w pts 6 Chris Jenkinson (160 1/2lbs), 11-68-3 (4); Jimmy First (139 1/4lbs), 8-0 (3), w pts 6 Dean Jones (137 3/4lbs), 1-18; Harry Fryer (139 1/2lbs), 1-0, w pts 4 Michael Mooney (142 1/2lbs), 9-68-2 (3); Tomas Ivachov (196 1/4lbs), 1-0, w pts 4 Elvis Dube (191lbs), 8-79-2 (5).