QUALITY Liverpool boxer Natasha Jonas is adapting to life as a professional fighter, training under Joe Gallagher’s guidance. “It’s a lot different from my amateur days. Physically my body’s changed so much, mentally I’m back in the game now,” she told Boxing News. “I’m enjoying it which is the main thing. It’s a lot tougher but in different ways.”

After retiring from amateur boxing, Jonas had years out before turning pro. Gallagher’s gym is the ideal place for her to learn her new trade. “I’ve been lucky,” she said. “I’ve sparred Paul Butler, I’ve sparred Stephen Smith, they’re all world level competition so I’ve never struggled [for sparring].”

It gives her the confidence to compete at the highest level as soon as she can. “We’ve looked at the current world champions, me and Joe. We have one in mind. I don’t want to say which one. I think we can do it fairly quickly. I don’t want to put any extra pressure on myself, as long as I keep progressing the way I am, get the rounds in,” she said. “Women’s boxing at an elite amateur level, it puts you in good stead… It puts you in good contention than people who have just turned pro.”

Jonas fought Matchroom star Katie Taylor in a thrilling Olympic quarter-final at London 2012. As professionals Jonas wants revenge. “Do I find flaws in what she does? Of course I do. The same way when I box she’ll probably do the same,” Natasha said. “When that fight comes we’ll have a game plan and I’ll stick to it. And the best gameplan will win.”