1. Nutrition

Bodybuilding style high protein nutrition plans and caloric reduction are the two most common nutrition pathways used to achieve weight loss, and these can be disastrous for a boxer.

Protein provides many benefits such as muscle recovery and decreased hunger whilst amino acids play their part in energy supply. However due to the high demands of the training camp and the energy needed, carbohydrates must be included. Performance, recovery, and cognitive function will all be dramatically impaired if they are not.

The key to carbohydrate inclusion is choice and timing.

The golden rule is that alongside some protein a fighter should eat carbohydrates that are high on the Glycaemic Index within the first hour of a hard training session.

At all other meals, carbohydrates should be those that are lower on the G.I scale.

Caloric deficit should never be used. This makes the body turn into what is known as a catabolic state. During catabolism, the body will break down and feed of its muscle. Put simply, if you starve yourself, you will lose your muscle and ruin both your energy and performance levels.

Lastly choice is crucial, and common sense would tell us that fresh fruit and vegetables and things such as organic meats should be the only food of choice for any boxer or athlete.

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