It’s nice to be known on BoxNation and in the boxing world, probably not as much as your Lee Selbys and your Josh Warringtons, but in terms of titles and where they’re at, Selby’s well above me, I’ve got loads of respect for Selby, he’s done it the hard way. He’s dedicated his life to boxing, gone to America and trained with the best pros.

Josh Warrington, on the other hand, he’s boxed two finished names in Rendall Munroe and Martin Lindsay, then got shot into this world title eliminator [against Joel Brunker on September 5] and now they’re trying to set up a fight with Selby. It’s ridiculous because he hasn’t boxed anyone that can beat him yet, he hasn’t had a 50-50 fight and to be at that level, to fight for a world title, you need a 50-50 fight. I’m not saying I’m ready for a world title because I haven’t had a 50-50 fight yet but I know before I get there I’ll be in a potential losing fight. And he hasn’t had one of them yet. When he boxed for that European title, that fella he boxed [David Dieli], it was embarrassing, Cristian Palma [who Smith halted in five in May] was better than him. He doesn’t deserve to be there, I don’t think he’s very good. The best things come to those that wait, he won’t win a world title and I will.

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