AFTER tackling Adrien Broner at super-lightweight, Mikey Garcia still intends to return to the lightweight division and unify world titles. “I still have plans on coming down to 135 to unify the titles or have a big title, defend the lightweight. But, you know, after being in boxing so long and learning the policies on the business about it, you got to be flexible. You got to be able to adjust and make those adjustments and continue with my career. I’m not going to sit around, wait for a fight, you know, and chase anybody. I’m here to take on the biggest fights available, the biggest challenge available, whether that means at 135 or at 140 or possibly even 147,” Garcia said.

Garcia is favoured to beat Broner, but is expecting a demanding contest. “You know what, we have been working on a lot of things (over time), working on different game plans, different style of sparring partners so I can be ready for whatever Adrien Broner brings on Saturday night. You know, if I have to be aggressive, I will be aggressive. If I have to maybe box, I will box. If I have to try to stay in the middle of the ring, then I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to win this fight. And like I said, I still – I know people still haven’t seen everything that I have to offer and I think Adrien Broner will be the one to challenge me enough and push me to that next level and bring out the best out of me,” he said.

Mikey Garcia

“Well, I’m going to show it on Saturday, the 29th. I’m going to show my skills. I’m going to show what I’m capable of doing. Like I said, before, I haven’t had a challenger, you know, really push me to the next level. And I think Adrien Broner will do that. And I’ll be able to show everybody, you know, another set of Mikey Garcia you still haven’t seen.”