TWENTY-five year old ‘Iron’ Mike Towell died on Friday night at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow with family by his side.

Towell, Dundee native and father of one, was knocked out by Dale Evans in the fifth round of a St Andrews Sporting Club bout at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow.

After the fight, the Scot collapsed as a result of injuries sustained during the bout and was given immediate emergency treatment in the ring prior to being taken away on a stretcher. He remained on life-support until passing away on Friday.

“Official: Within the last hour Mike Towell passed away – he will always be in our hearts  #RIPIronMike” read the St Andrews Sporting Club’s official Twitter feed early Saturday Morning.

Towell hit canvas in the first round and again in the fifth, bravely beating the count both times before referee Victor Laughlin put a stop to the match.

“He is such a fantastic fighter,” said Evans prior to the news of Towell’s death. “You are happy to get the win but all I wanted to do was get the victory. Not this. I never wanted to see my opponent stretchered out of the ring. Who would ever want that sight. That was so hard for his family and my heart goes out to them.”

A statement from Towell’s team and family is expected on Saturday.