Austin Trout
Has fought both men

Cotto’s experience gives him a bit of an edge but Canelo’s youth, strength and size is going to give him the fight in my opinion. I’m rooting for Cotto though.

Freddie [Roach, Cotto’s trainer], I’m sure, has a good game plan. I’m not sure Cotto will get stopped.

In a sense, he’s a different fighter but they said the same thing when he teamed up with Pedro Diaz. Before I beat Cotto they were talking about how he had new legs, and then after I beat him they said he wasn’t fit or whatever. But he does look good now.

Canelo gasses in fights, his output drops dramatically in fights so if it goes to the later rounds Cotto has a chance.

Cotto’s biggest weakness in this fight is the scarring on his face, he’s really beat up and he gets cut and swollen easily.

Canelo needs to bust him up early, start fast and strong – that’s what I did against Cotto, I started fast to build the points up. For Cotto he needs to box early and finish strong.

It’s a great fight for however long it lasts.

Pick: Canelo

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