I READ that Amir Khan has given Floyd Mayweather five days to decide if he wants to fight him. I thought after reading it, ‘Yeah good on ya, son.’ It’s about time a Brit said ‘take it or leave it’ to an American fighter.

We spend too much time chasing after the American fighters and bowing to their every demand. If Mayweather doesn’t want to fight him tell him to shove it where the monkey puts his nuts. I don’t think Floyd will take the fight as on Amir’s last performance he may feel somewhat vulnerable, and I find his comments a while back saying he would fight him over here hard to believe. But if he does decide to venture over here to fight, we should put the show on in a football stadium, without a roof over it, at 2 o’clock in the morning, in Wales, where it will probably be raining, and make it any time between October and January when it’s a little cooler than Vegas. Then let’s see how tough Mayweather is, leaving his cushy red-hot home and doing what British fighters often have to do – go over the water to defend our titles in an alien environment.
On that note I also read Andy Lee has told any potential challengers that if they want his title then they will have to venture to Ireland. Another ‘Good on ya, son.’ I may have my head in the clouds, but I don’t see the problem in going into the opponent’s home (not his house at 3 o’clock in the morning of course). For a long time there has been this chain of thought that going to certain countries might not be a good idea if you want to get an honest shake of the dice; well I think this is just an excuse.

The judges and the referee are selected and agreed by both parties and if the judges vote against your boy, then you agreed the officials, what’s the beef? There are three men in the ring, one is there to oversee and look after the other two who are having a tear up. It’s down to the fighters to make a statement, not worry about the judges, and make the winner a formality.
There’s heavyweight action this week that I cannot get too excited about it. The only real point of interest for me is if Deontay Wilder hammers Bermane Stiverne in three rounds, and looks the business, and then we have a decent challenge to Wladimir Klitschko to look forward to. But then after that, what’s next? Anthony Joshua is on the horizon but it’s far too early for him. I am disappointed that his fight with Kevin Johnson is postponed as he presents a definite yardstick to assess Anthony’s improvements and ability at this stage of his career but things like this happen all the time in boxing. But he is still a youngster with time on his side.

I noted in Boxing News last week that one of their dream fights for 2015 was Tyson Fury against Joshua, but that’s not a dream fight for me, it’s far too early for Joshua. Give him another five fights and 18 months on his shoulders and then raid your piggy bank for a ticket, because they will sell out the same hour they go on sale.

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