DAVID LEMIEUX is not taking the easy path. In fact it’s possibly the hardest out there. His road takes him to Gennady Golovkin tonight (October 17) at Madison Square Garden  in New York.

Lemieux won the IBF middleweight title in his last fight, but rather than opting for a straightforward defence he’s going straight for a unification clash with arguably the new ‘baddest man on the planet’, Gennady Golovkin.

“I know who I am.  I have a lot of confidence in myself and my team does, also, which is why we’re at where we’re at right now and a lot of fighters duck a lot of fighters, I don’t.  Golovkin is a very good fighter, but I am also a very good fighter so it’s going to be even better for me when I win.  To me it makes no difference.  I don’t really pay attention, the numbers or to people who give out a lot of show.  I’m focused in the fight, I’m fighting Golovkin in the ring, it’s me against him, and nothing else matters,” Lemieux said. “ Power is not something that frightens me.  Nothing really frightens me when I’m in the ring, when I know I’m prepared. I know I’m going to take on the strongest there is, and I’m very confident in my strength so I have zero worries going into a fight against anybody when I’m perfectly ready, which I am today.”

The Canadian has met defeat before, unlike Golovkin, but insists that not indicative of his chances against ‘GGG’. “Those two losses are completely insignificant to where I am today, because, you know, everybody has their path, everybody has their ways of doing things and their evolution and becoming a champion. Some guys go undefeated, some have defeats and become the greatest fighter out there. They have zero significance and are in my past, those two losses, were miscalculations. I lost those two fights because of things I neglected, and I changed everything in my life to be where I am at today. So I think it’s been a big achievement from my behalf to [get] where I am now,” David said.

Lemieux is a renowned power-puncher himself, just like Golovkin. But he too insists it won’t be power that determines the victor tonight. “The fighter with the biggest heart, that can take and receive – it’s not about power this fight. It’s about character and toughness and determination and who wants it more.  We’re both hard punchers, everybody knows that but let’s see beyond that,” Lemieux declared.

“Everybody understands the gravity of this fight, and I think the people are going to be surprised with what I bring to the table October 17. I’m a big underdog in this fight, and to me it makes no difference, I know who I am, and I know what I’m going to bring to the table, so we will see after the fight.”