MANNY PACQUIAO conducted only a cursory public workout on Wednesday but his trainer was more forthcoming afterwards. “We have a great idea of when and where we are going to attack Mayweather,” Freddie Roach said. “Mayweather is a good counter-puncher, but Manny has faster hands and his combinations are better than Floyd’s.

“Manny has really raised the bar in this training camp. He’s a different Manny Pacquiao than I have seen him going into previous training camps. He is punching so much harder in training for this camp.”

Pacquiao has needed to have some pain in his calves treated but Roach was delighted with his progress in camp, saying, “Manny is better than ever, his attitude is different and I’ve never seen him work this hard. His speed is faster, his punches are harder. I’m really happy where he’s at. His legs look great; he’s on his toes all the time.”

Mayweather has beaten eight southpaws but Roach reckons his man’s unorthodox stance could still pose Floyd problems. “I believe that Manny being a southpaw will be a factor in this fight. Manny showed me tape of Floyd fighting a southpaw and told me that that is exactly what we are going to do in this fight,” Freddie said.

Breaking down the fight, the trainer continued, “Both fighters have great experience, so I don’t believe that will be a factor in the fight. The biggest thing is that each fighter comes in with a different style. Floyd is a counter-puncher but Manny must be the one to enforce the fight.

“Since Manny moved to 147 he hasn’t knocked many guys out, so getting the knockout in this fight isn’t a concern for me. If Manny fights at 140, then he does knock guys out, but at this weight he is fighting guys who are bigger than him.

“Floyd may be a bigger guy, but we will still win the fight.”

Pacquiao, his trainer reckons, is utterly determined to do just that. “Manny is a different person going into this fight,” Roach said. “He hit me so hard the other day that I believe it’s the hardest I’ve ever been hit by a fighter who I’m training.”