THE Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao saga continues.

One day after Boxing Scene reported that Floyd Mayweather accused Manny Pacquiao of having ‘no say’ in negotiations, the Filipino declared to his 1.5m followers on Twitter that he is confident of victory – should the fight ever occur.

“I can easily beat Floyd Mayweather, I believe that,” said Pacquiao.

Last week, Manny told reporters that he thought the fight would be go ahead, and that he had agreed to all the terms and conditions of the proposed May 2 welterweight showdown. Since then Mayweather has suggested that Pacquiao is exaggerating his importance on the negotiating table.

Pacquiao, though, just wants to fight.

“If you really care about the fans, you will fight,” Pacquiao said before suggesting Mayweather might get hurt if they did fight. “If you care about yourself… you won’t fight.”

The Filipino, who would be an underdog against Mayweather, then referenced the last time he was favoured to lose.

“Everyone had me as a big underdog to Oscar De La Hoya too,” he said about his 2008 victory. “If Floyd Mayweather fights me boxing will get an even bigger upset victory.”

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