MANNY PACQUIAO and Floyd Mayweather will come face-to-face today at the first and only press conference in the run up to their May 2 unification clash.

The last time they met, at a basketball game, it helped ease negotiations towards a final agreement, as discussed HERE. Their encounter at the press conference today will help turn the mega-fight into a huge global event. The presser is due to start at 1.30pm in Los Angeles, that’s 8.30pm in the UK, and you can watch it live RIGHT HERE.

As we count down the last few hours, Pacquiao took to social media to explain how he could beat Mayweather. “I’m here to prove that I can easily beat the undefeated,” he stated on his Twitter account. “My footwork and hand combinations will be my advantage. I tell you [Miguel] Cotto and [Antonio] Margarito punch hard. This is boxing and it’s about punches.”

He added, “Beating Floyd is good for boxing. When athletes have great success, their success goes to their head. That is bad for boxing.”

“The Lord my God that I am serving will deliver him into my hands,” he concluded.