Novosibirsk (Russia), Baku (Azerbaijan), Astana (Kazakhstan) and Foshan (China) hosted the 49 kg, 52 kg, 60 kg, 64 kg, 69 kg and 91+ kg APB Matches for Champions with the following results.

The Bantamweight category will compete on 15 January 2015 in Paris (France).

FLY 52 KG – FRIDAY, 19 DECEMBER (19:00 GMT+6)Location: Novosibirsk – Venue: SKK Sever

Elias Emigdio (MEX) returned to APB for the Matches for Champions having recovered from the injury that kept him out of Round 2 of the Pre-Ranking Phase, and enjoyed an amazing win in a close match against the formerly undefeated Kazakh Ilyas Suleimenov who was ranked second.

AIBA World Boxing Champion Misha Aloian (RUS) won by walkover against Mohamed Flissi (ALG) who was not allowed to compete because he is under Medical Suspension after being knocked out in Round 2.

Emigdio and Aloian will fight in January for the Title.

Match results:

– Vincenzo PICARDI (ITA) vs Jabursek LATIPOV (UZB) W.P. (53:60/ 55:59/ 55:59)

Fernando MARTINEZ (ARG) W.P. (60:54/ 60:54 /60:54) vs Redouane ASLOUM (FRA)

Elias EMIGDIO (MEX) W.P. (58:56/ 58:56/ 54:60) vs Ilyas SULEIMENOV (KAZ)

Misha ALOIAN (RUS) W.O. vs Mohamed FLISSI (ALG)

SUPER HEAVY 91+KG – FRIDAY, 19 DECEMBER (19:30 GMT+4)Location: Baku – Venue: Sarhadchi Complex

The two undefeated APB boxers Erik Pfeifer (GER) and Mohammed Arjaoui (MAR) both continued their success with two marvelous victories. The German star Pfeifer defeated the Romanian Nistor in Round 3, while the Moroccan hope Arjaoui achieved the same result against France’s Tony Yoka on points.

Both boxers will fight for the Title in January.

Match results:

– Sergiy VERVEYKO (UKR) vs Magomed OMAROV (RUS) K.O. (R1 2:00)

Mohammed ARJAOUI (MAR) W.P. (58:56/58:56/ 58:56) vs Tony YOKA (FRA)

– Mihai NISTOR (ROM) vs Erik PFEIFER (GER) W.P. (R3 0:27)

Magomedrasul MEDZHIDOV (AZE) K.O. (R1 3:00) vs Ahmed SAMIR (EGY)

LIGHT WELTER 64 KG – SATURDAY, 20 DECEMBER (17:00 GMT+6)Location: Novosibirsk – Venue: SKK Sever

The rising German star Artem Harutyunyan (GER) defeated Abdelkader Chadi (ALG), All-Africa Games Champion and undefeated APB boxer, on points in a close match.

Russia’s Artem Zakaryan won by walkover against Juan Pablo Romero (MEX) who won his first bout against Carlos Aquino (ARG) and lost in Round 2 of the Pre-Ranking Phase against Abelkader Chadi.

Zakaryan and Harutyunyan will fight for the Light Welterweight Title.

Match results:

– Vyacheslav KYSLYTSYN (UKR) vs Carlos AQUINO (ARG) W.P. (56:58/ 57:57/ 56:58)

– Boris GEORGIEV (BUL) vs Evaldas PETRAUSKAS (LTU) T.K.O. (R5)

Artem HARUTYUNYAN (GER) W.P. (57:57/ 58:56/ 57:57) vs Abdelkader CHADI (ALG)

Armen ZAKARYAN (RUS) W.O. vs Juan Pablo ROMERO (MEX)

LIGHT 60 KG – SATURDAY, 20 DECEMBER (17:00 GMT+6)Location: Astana – Venue: Daulet Sports Complex

The two undefeated APB boxers Hurshid Tojibaev (UZB) and Berik Abdrakhmanov (KAZ) will fight for the APB Ranking Title Bout in January after defeating Charly Suarez (PHI) and Robson Conceicao (BRA).

Match results:

– Charly SUAREZ (PHI) vs Hurshid TOJIBAEV (UZB) W.P. (57:57/ 56:58/ 58:56)

David JOYCE (IRL) W.P. (60:53/ 60:53/ 59:55) vs Artur BRIL (GER)

– Domenico VALENTINO (ITA) vs Dmitry POLYANSKIY (RUS) W.P. (54:59/ 55:59/ 56:58)

Berik ABDRAKHMANOV (KAZ) W.P. (58:56/ 58:56/ 57:57) vs Robson CONCEICAO (BRA)

LIGHT FLY 49 KG – SATURDAY, 20 DECEMBER (19:30 GMT+8)Location: Foshan – Venue: Lingnan Pearl

Foshan will see an APB Inaugural Title Match in January a rematch involving the home stars Wu (CHN) and Lyu (CHN), after they defeated the Ecuadorian Carlos Quipo and Mark Barriga (PHI) in Round 3.

Match results:


– Leandro BLANC (ARG) vs Birzhan ZHAKYPOV (KAZ) W.P. (55:59/ 55:59/ 55:59)

– Carlos QUIPO (ECU) vs Zhonglin WU (CHN) W.P. (56:58/ 58:56/ 55:59)

– Mark Anthony BARRIGA (PHI) vs Bin Lyu (CHN) W.P. (55:59/ 58:56/ 56:58)

WELTER 69 KG – SATURDAY, 20 DECEMBER (19:30 GMT +4)Location: Baku – Venue: Sarhadchi Complex

Andrey Zamkovoy (RUS), London 2012 bronze medallist and undefeated APB boxer, lost against Rayton Okwiri (KEN), who was ranked third after shocking Marcos Nader in Round 1 of the Pre-Ranking Phase before losing to Onur Sipal in Round 2.

Sipal continued his undefeated APB career with a clear win against Denzs Lazarev (UKR) on points, which means Sipal and Okwiri will rematch for the Inaugural APB Welterweight Title.

Match results:

– Eimantas STANIONIS (LTU) W.P. (60:54/ 59:55/ 59:55) vs Gyula KATE (HUN)

Rayton OKWIRI (KEN) W.P. (59:55/ 59:55/ 59:55) vs Andrey ZAMKOVOY (RUS)

Onur SIPAL (TUR) W.P. (60:54/ 60:54/ 60:54) vs Denys LAZAERV (UKR)

– Marcos NADER (AUT) vs Tamerlan ABDULLAYEV (AZE) W.O.