STRENGTH and power. Kindred spirits rarely separated. Or so the philosophical Goff – top S&C coach Cameron Goff – says. This week, he shares an explosive strength and power workout that can be used in training camp three-four weeks out from fight night. It encompasses only seven exercises, illustrating, once and for all, that brevity really is the soul of fit.

NB: The first three exercises are focused on power and the load used should be around 50 per cent of bodyweight. The following three are strength-based movements and the load should be 60 per cent of bodyweight or more – basically the highest it can be while completing all the reps with good form. The final exercise should be loaded with 10 per cent of bodyweight. For all exercises, 90 seconds’ rest is recommended between sets, apart from in exercise seven.

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1) Barbell hang cleans, 3 sets, 6 reps
Your hips should be pushed back, your back straight and inclined slightly forward, and your arms fully extended holding a barbell in line with the top of the knee. Pull the barbell towards your hips whilst driving hips forward towards the bar. Extend, simultaneously, from your toes, ankles and knees to force the barbell to a ‘catch’ position (wrists bent back towards yourself) at the front of your shoulders and fall into a quarter-squat position whilst keeping your elbows high. Stand fully then drop the barbell to the floor and reset for the next rep.

2) Barbell squat jumps, 3 sets, 6 reps
Adopt a back squat position, with the bar across your shoulders, and fully stand. Keeping your elbows tight and pulled down towards the floor, start to sit into a squat position with your chest high, back straight and not allowing your knees to fall forwards. Once sat into a squat position drive up as high as you can from your heels, with your feet leaving the floor. Return to a safe landing, reset and start again.

3) Explosive press-ups, 3 sets, 8 reps
Start in a press-up position, arms fully extended, wrists in line with your shoulders and back straight. With your elbows in tight,  lower your chest towards the floor. Once in this position use your arms to drive as high as you can with your hands leaving the floor.

4) Barbell push presses, 3 sets, 8 reps
Start with the barbell in the rack. Adopting a quarter-squat position, get your body under the bar, and get a grip of the bar at shoulder-height whilst keeping your elbows high. Take a step back from the rack. Now dip your knees slightly and drive the barbell above and over your head.

5) Dumbbell single-arm rows, 3 sets, 16 reps (8 each side)
Place one fully extended arm (palm flat) down onto a bench, keeping your back and legs straight. Allow your other arm to fall down to the floor to grab your dumbbell which is on the same side of the bench as the arm used. Once in this position, pull the dumbbell up towards the side of your body and pull that elbow nice and high, whilst keeping good posture. After eight reps, switch arms.

6) Barbell overhead lunges, 3 sets, 16 reps (8 each side, alternating)
Take the barbell off the rack and position it in front of your chest. Your arms should just be outside of shoulder-width. Fully extendd and press the barbell above your head. Keep your arms straight, and drive one leg out into a lunge (90-degree) position, not allowing that front knee to extend beyond your toe. The other leg will lower, but should not touch the floor. Engage your core and keep everything locked and tight. Drive back into a standing position, and drive the other leg out into that lunge position.

7) Sled runs, 6 sets, 30-second reps, 30 seconds’ rest
Keep your head up and chest high and start driving those knees in towards your chest and pushing the sled forwards. You’ve got 30 seconds to cover as much ground as possible. Get moving!

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