LUCAS MATTHYSSE, the Argentine wrecking ball, returns to action this Saturday (September 6) at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati with several targets in mind. Firstly, he is determined to swing his thunderous mitts straight through opponent Roberto Ortiz’s unbeaten record. Secondly, he wants to prove he is a better fighter than his 2013 loss to Danny Garcia showed, and finally, he wants to secure a rematch with his conqueror.

“We’re expecting a very tough [fight],” said Matthysse. He’s [Ortiz] a Mexican like all the Mexican warriors. We’re expecting a good fight.”

Matthysse has fought once since that loss to Garcia, a 2014 Fight of the Year contender against John Molina, and he emerged from two knockdowns to win via knockout in round 11. The rocky showing should be testament to his staying power, the 31-year-old says, rather than an indication of decline.

“Those things happen in boxing,” Matthysse explained about being dropped twice. “You can be a great champion, but sometimes you go against someone with a lot of power. You just get up and brush it off, and that’s what I did. I brushed it off and got the win.”

The 2013 loss to Garcia was a hotly-contested affair, and Matthysse is yearning for the chance to put things right.

“I think I’m a better fighter than I was when I fought Garcia,” he said.

“After I win this [against Ortiz] I want Danny Garcia. If he’s too scared of me, I’ll have to find someone else to fight for a world title.”