VASILIY LOMACHENKO believes all the pressure is on Devin Haney ahead of their fight on Saturday.

The American has been in a supremely confident mood in the build-up and wants to retire the great Ukrainian.

Their clash for lightweight supremacy takes place at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, the city where Lomachenko 17-2 (11) made his professional debut in 2013.

The 35-year-old is now in the unusual position of underdog, but ‘Loma’ says it’s Haney who has it all to lose.

“I have losses in my numbers and right now I’m not losing anything,” he told Boxing News.

“I just try one more time but from his side he lose four belts, he lose zero on his numbers, I think he nervous more than me.”

The unbeaten Haney 29-0 (15) has attempted to get under the skin of his opponent by describing him as “dirty fighter”. Unperturbed by the accusation Lomachenko says he doesn’t pay attention to the talk.

“I never think about what he say and what his plan about playing with my head. I never think because I just try to stay focused and try to do what I can. Every answer we will get Saturday night.”

Saturday’s bout will be a focus of attention for the people of Ukraine. The country has been involved in a brutal conflict since they were invaded by Russia in February 2022. Lomachenko spent some time away from boxing and joined his people’s efforts last year. BN asked him if his fight is a chance to uplift the spirits of his compatriots.

“Maybe. I hope. And of course, I believe during the fight people forget about bad situation. A little bit change from war to this match.”