LIGHTWEIGHT Liam Berrisford from just up the road in Meir stepped up not only the class of his opposition but to eight rounds for the first time at Kings Hall. He was able to celebrate a 77-75 points win at the conclusion of what turned out to be a close yet largely uneventful contest against Seaham battler Jordan Ellison, who won’t be too pleased at having sustained a cut to the right eyebrow in the penultimate session. Solihull’s Chris Dean refereed.

Newcastle-Under-Lyme’s wildly popular Rhasian Earlington scored a 60-55 success over London cruiser Ossie Jervier in a decent back-and-forth fight. The pick of the action came in a thrilling fifth that saw them take it in turn to pummel each other on the ropes. Earlington finished the sixth strongly, affording himself a grin in the closing seconds.

Jamal Le Doux of Hanley forced referee Kevin Parker to step in 73 seconds into the third of a scheduled six against Manchester’s Iranian-born Taha Mirhosseini who, having been wobbled as early as the first, had been down five times in total, two of those occasions necessitating a count from the Newark official. Mirhosseini was well and truly bested.

Burslem’s Kaash Buttery was fast-footed and fidgety as ever as he whizzed around the ring he shared with Dean Evans of Hereford. Buttery took charge sufficiently to merit a 40-36 points win at the conclusion of a four overseen by Mr Dean.

A trio of debutants in the shape of Ryan BithellJamie Stewart and Nikita Silvera also had their arms raised at the conclusion of respective fours against Derby’s Spanish-born light-heavy Nathan Junor, Sheffield’s Qasim Hussain – whose next outing will be his 100th – and Bulgarian veteran, late sub Borislava Goranova.

Stoke super-middle Bithell, particularly aggressive early, triumphed 39-37 for Mr Parker while tattooed lightweight Stewart and quietly confident female welter Silvera, both members of Scott Lawton’s Impact team, took every round in bouts refereed by Parker and Dean.

The Verdict Stoke fight fans need only wait until October 12 for a return to Kings Hall.

Liam Berrisford (134lbs 10oz), 5-0, w pts 8 Jordan Ellison (135lbs 6oz), 11-25-1 (1); Rhasian Earlington (194 1/4lbs), 7-1 (2), w pts 6 Ossie Jervier (194lbs 6oz), 6-10 (5); Jamal Le Doux (171lbs), 8-1 (4), w rsf 3 Taha Mirhosseini (174lbs 2oz), 1-10 (1); Kaash Buttery (141 1/2lbs), 7-0, w pts 4 Dean Evans (139lbs), 8-32-3 (4); Jamie Stewart (145lbs 14oz), 1-0, w pts 4 Qasim Hussain (148lbs 10oz), 4-93-2; Ryan Bithell (171 1/2lbs), 1-0, w pts 4 Nathan Junor (175 1/4lbs), 0-4; Nikita Silvera (148lbs 14oz), 1-0, w pts 4 Borislava Goranova (149 3/4lbs), 11-57-4.