How you feeling ahead of the fight?

I’m looking forward to it. All ready now, training’s done, bring on Saturday.

How was it dealing with the delay, from the back injury?

It was very frustrating. We were in tip top shape but it was the move to make. We weren’t 100%. A big fight like this you need to be 100%. So we spent time with a chiropractor and getting massages, it’s been a big help.

We’re back now, 100%. Training camp’s gone good, sparring’s been brilliant and not much more to be done now. I’ve just got to do it on Saturday.

That must have been a difficult decision, given you’ve had so many frustrations in your career?

It’s been a long, old road. Again I sat down with Mick [Hennessy, his promoter]. I wanted to fight before Christmas, Yigit wanted to fight before Christmas as well and it was taken from us with an injury and it was so frustrating. I was in tears to be honest, the first night, once it was announced. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been out the ratings now because I haven’t boxed for a year. I thought is this the end of me. Mick said no, you’ll be fine and the day’s here now. Saturday night I’ve got to go and win it for me and for him and move on from there.

What do you think of Yigit?

He’s very intelligent, an Olympian, he’s busy. He’s never done the 12 rounds in a fight situation. He’s obviously done it in the gym training, sparring probably. Fight situation’s a little bit different. I’ve had probably 10 12-rounders, I’ve lost count I’ve had so many now and I’ve got the experience over him. I’ve got to use that Saturday night. When it gets hard, I’ve been there before and just take each round as it comes. If he’s going to change, I’ll adapt to that and that’s all we can do.

What do you think could come after this fight?

Winning, it could get me world title shot or it could get me some sort of eliminator. If not, pick a sensible defence and surely it’s got to come after that, it’s got to. I haven’t got long left, so we need to be hurrying up a little bit.