THE jab is the most important punch in boxing; it was one of my best assets as a fighter. In 106 fights, I only fought one person who had a better jab than me and that was World silver medallist Croatian Marijo Šivolija.

I remember one jab he threw and landed *booom* right on my forehead. I never expected it and throughout the fight, he landed quite a few more. They were fast, hard and very annoying!

This fight was in the semi-finals of the European Union Championships in Sardinia and I ended up losing by one point.

When you’re being hit by a solid jab it knocks you out of your usual rhythm and that takes you out of your game plan and means you have to readjust everything.

The jab is a great range finder to set up other punches and combos; you can throw it moving forward, moving back or just in place.

It’s also the best punch to use as a faint to draw a reaction from your opponent.

On this video, we show you how to increase the power in the jab by stepping into it. When you do this, you are putting your body weight into it. I’m going to be doing more videos on how to increase the speed and accuracy of the jab too, so for more educational pieces like this subscribe:

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