COMMON sense dictates that every boxer wants to have a high level of punching power. An historic train of thought among some coaches is that speed equals power, and that is partly true. Now there are other factors such as the timing of the punch, the accuracy, the punch technique, and the the opponent’s level of fatigue which all need to be taken into consideration. But if we stay with the science it is shown that: Power = Force x Velocity (speed in a certain direction). Therefore to improve power, both force and velocity need to be trained, and if done correctly, this will enable the boxer to develop the desired increase in their punch power.

Again as previously discussed, the fear among many in the boxing fraternity is that ‘weight-training makes you slow.’ As a result, there is very limited time given to actual strength and conditioning exercises. Instead methods such as circuit training, and exercises that look like they could be in a circus act are often used under the banner of ‘strength and conditioning’.

There is zero evidence in the scientific studies to prove that true S&C training makes you slower. In fact it is the complete opposite! So what exercises are essential to increase punch power?

Here are 5 that can make it happen:

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