KEITH THURMAN may have been taken the distance in his last two fights but he promises the power is still there.

“I still hold one of the highest knockout ratios in the welterweight division. At this level, no fighter is coming to get knocked out, they know what they’re up against and they know they’re up against dangerous fighters. The number one rule in boxing is protect yourself at all times and they’re aware of that. They’re trying to box hard, they’re trying to be crafty and outdo me but you can watch both fights and there was still a knockdown in both fights,” Thurman said.

“The Bundu fight it happened in the first round, the Guerrero happened in the ninth round. So the punching power is there from the beginning to the end. We want the knockouts, for the fans and for the publicity that lives up to the name ‘One Time’. But at the end of the day we still just want to be a champion and we’ll do whatever it takes to stay champion.”

“At the end of the day, my job is to win. Everything else is icing on the cake. We want to be great. We want this match to be talked about for months to come later on in the year. We stayed focused to the formulas. It’s just another camp for me. It’s another fight, it’s another opportunity for me to showcase my skills and my talents to the world and I don’t believe that I’ve disappointed anybody yet. July 11 shouldn’t be any different.”