What do you think of Sho Ishida?

I’ve had a good look at him. He looks very tall, very slim, looks like he’ll probably try and outbox me, try and box on the backfoot, use his jab. Basically hit and move. I know what to expect from him.

Given that he’s tall and your body punching is particularly effective, is that something to look out for on Saturday?

Possibly. I’m going to go in there and not rush anything and work this guy out. If I have to break him down over 12 rounds, I’ll break him down. I’ll do what I can to do that.

How good would you say he is compared to the people you’ve boxed before?

I expect them all to be really good. I make them out to be a lot better than they are when I get in there. I am making him out to be really good, I am making him out to be my toughest test to date. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think he’s pretty good.

Suguru Muranaka, your last opponent, was he exceptionally tough?

Ability-wise he wasn’t too great, he was easy to hit. But he was just ridiculously tough. That’s what I’m expecting with this guy. I’m expecting him to be just as tough. But he [Ishida] seems to be more skilled.

I’ve boxed quite a few tall ones so I don’t think it will be much of a shock to me.

Kal Yafai

Was Stuey Hall one of your key sparring partners?

I’ve done quite a bit with him. I’ve also done some with Andrew Selby as well, which was good.

A few years ago you were boxing each other for the Olympic spot, now you’re helping each other.

That’s boxing, isn’t it? Anything can happen in boxing. The way it works out is just mad. It was really good, top class sparring. It done me good. It was really good. I got some sparring up in Sheffield as well.

Possibly it’s America next. Is there anyone you’ve got an eye on for the fight after this?

Not at the moment. At the moment all I’m thinking about is this guy. I know the threat he poses. That’s all I’m thinking of day and night.

I’ve got to do a job on this. But after there’s big things ahead, there’s big things out there for me and there’s some huge opportunities. That’s why I’m so concentrated on this job.

This will be the most high profile show you’ve boxed on?

One hundred percent. It’s by far the biggest. I really can’t wait. Something new for me. Most definitely something new for me. I just can’t wait.