JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ JNR insists he will make the 172lbs catchweight for Andrzej Fonfara on April 18. “I’ll make 172 because I pay $100,000 per pound (if I don’t). I can’t pay that kind of money. I’ve never weighed more than 172 in a fight. The only fight I made 172 is with Brian Vera, the first fight,” he said.
He came in far above the agreed limit then but suggested, “Maybe, I’m a bigger fighter, you know? I know I am a bigger fighter. But, I don’t have problems. And (if he does) not make the weight, maybe I’ll win $100,000 more.”
Chavez does though see his near future at super-middleweight. “I think, after this fight, I’m going down to 168lbs and staying in this weight class. One or two years ago I moved to 175 but that was too much for my body. Now, I’m 168. But, [after] one year off, this fight is at 172.”
He insists he is working hard with trainer Joe Goossen. “Well, I’ve known Joe Goossen for a long time. He’s a great trainer. He’s a great person. He’s somebody that motivates fighters. And we have a true connection. We’ve connected again. And I like him a lot. I like that he’s a hard worker, just like me. And I think, together, we’re going to do really well,” he said.
“With regards to the performance, I can tell you that, this show is for the people. It’s going to be a great fight.”