JOSH TAYLOR has been subjected to appalling abuse after Saturday’s fight with Jack Catterall. Criticising a decision in boxing is perfectly valid, but personal insults, attacks and even death threats are a world beyond acceptable behaviour.

MTK, the management company that represents both Taylor and Catterall, issued a statement saying: “We have always been honoured to work with both Josh and Jack and are immensely proud of all that they have achieved over the years.

“We ask you to remember that, no matter what the fighters, their teams, their peers, or fight fans believe the result should have been, the decision was not in their hands, but lay in the hands of judging officials and it is our understanding the British Boxing Board of Control are now conducting their own investigation, which we fully encourage.

“MTK Global is saddened and deeply concerned to learn of insults, personal attacks and even death threats targeting the fighters, their partners and their families. This has to stop immediately.”