A FASCINATING flyweight, Jordan Smith, weighing in at 50kg but standing 5ft 10″ tall is set to make his big break on 21st November 2014 at the Camden Centre.

This interesting 20-year-old boxer has impressed many with the story of how he rose up to overcome his schoolboy anger problems and put his energy into a lifelong passion.

His boxing hero, Mike Tyson has been a great inspiration throughout , giving Jordan the motivation he needed to get his first fight at 14 and to then go on to win the title of UFKKA Schoolboy kickboxing champion at 57kg along with National and English titles.

Ali Forbes (ex-professional boxer and Jordan’s trainer) said ‘Jordan’s a very keen fighter who’s very excited for his first fight and really hyped up for anyone who will come up against him in the future.’

Anyone wishing to enquire about future fights should call: 07906876139