FEATHERWEIGHT Jordan Gill is confident that he will work his way to title fights in 2018.

He has joined forces with new trainer Dave Coldwell and is feeling the difference already. “It’s been completely different. It’s new and it’s fresh. We’re working on a lot of technique. There’s a lot to it. I struggled to start with,” Gill told Boxing News.

“I’m picking up things and each week I’m progressing. You’ll see the results when I fight next and you certainly saw the results in the last two fights in such a short period.”

He explained why he moved to a new gym. “I wasn’t getting enough opportunities and it felt like I was going a bit stale. I wasn’t getting enough fights. A few things fell through and I just wasn’t getting the work that I wanted. For me it was either pack up or have a change. I thought I’ll try having a change. See what big fights I can get. I’ll either win or I won’t. I think I’m good enough to do it and we’ll soon find out,” he said.

He has been made mandatory for the English featherweight title and has an eye on the British championship in future.