“What’s in a name? That which we will call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakesperare.

Shakespeare was referring to Romeo and Juliet, but there is a lesson here for Jermall Charlo to consider. Adopt a ring name or risk continuing to be obscure.

For you see, Jermall Charlo 25-0 (19) has a twin brother who looks like him, fights, like him, wins like him, weighs virtually the same as him, and has a name which is a whisker away from being exactly like his.

There is Jermall Charlo and Jermell Charlo. Jermall is the one in the main support this Saturday, at The Barclays Center, underneath the Adrien Broner–Mikey Garcia main event. The thing though is that Jermall might be better than the guys top of the bill. According to Austin Trout who has fought both Jermall and Canelo Alvarez, Charlo is the better fighter of the two. That is a ringing endorsement which means absolutely nothing unless he can separate his career from his brother’s. And in fairness, Jermall is taking a small step here, having given up his title in the 154lb division to box a middleweight title eliminator against Jorge Sebastian Heiland.

If you can distinguish between the Charlo brothers you really know your stuff. It seemed to take forever for the public to differentiate the Klitschkos. And even today they are frequently lumped together in people’s minds.

In this man’s view Jermall has the greater upside of the brothers. Because of that it is he who should be taking the initiative to form his own identity. It would serve him better if he started going by another name for ring purposes only.

Katie Taylor last performed in front of 90,000 people on the undercard of the Anthony Joshua – Wladimir Klitschko show at Wembley. Although she is a mega personality back home in Ireland, the 2012 Olympic gold medalist is just another fighter on the undercard here. To her credit she is willing to pay her dues, but at age 31 and having just five professional fights you have to wonder if she had remained an amateur for too long.

The most evenly matched fight of the night might be the heavyweight encounter between Jarrell Miller and Gerald Washington. The talkative Miller 18-0-1 (16), seems to have the greater upside, but has not been matched as tough as Washington who has lost once, that being in his last fight for the WBC title against Deontay Wilder. Since then, Washington got in some great work being in Klitschkos camp helping him prepare for Joshua. “It was an amazing experience” he says.

There is Noel Murphy billed from Ireland, but who lives in New York and has fought nine of his 10 fights in the USA. But Jermall Charlo withstanding, the most talented boxer on the undercard is Richardson Hitchins, a 19 – year old super lightweight from Brooklyn. He has had only two fights to date, but looks special and is already under the promotional banner of Mayweather Promotions.

Jermall Charlo

While Broner and Garcia were on television promoting their fight, the supporting cast was at Modell’s across the street from The Barclays Center.  They were all scheduled within a small time frame to work out for the public. When one fighter exited, another came on. They all have big dreams, but for now are  happy to be just a small part of the event.