PROMOTER Bob Arum is refusing to write off Jeff Horn’s chances completely when the Australian underdog fights Manny Pacquiao in Brisbane on July 2.

The key factor Arum claims will be whether Pacquiao’s age is going to count against him, whether the 38 year old’s 67 fight career will catch up with him.

Manny has been one of our greatest fighters of the era. He’s very fast. He knows how to move. But remember, he’s getting older. Athletes get older. An athlete who reaches a certain age does not perform as well as he did when he was younger at his peak. The question is how old has Manny become,” Arum said.

But the promoter cautioned optimistic Australians, “I talked to Freddie Roach today at breakfast and Freddie said he sees more in Manny training for this fight than he had Manny training fort he previous two fights with Bradley and Vargas. So we’ll have to see.”

Manny Pacquiao

Arum however considered, “There are different elements, who’s going to win and lose. This kid Horn is a big, strong kid, takes a good punch, gives punches really well. He’s fought some good pros, like [Randall] Bailey and Ali Funeka, the guy I saw him with in New Zealand. So I really believe that he can give a tremendous account of himself and give Manny a lot difficulty.”