HAVE you been doing anything different to prepare for your November 20 bout [at the Hard Rock Casino]?

We’re just staying ready to be the best we possibly can and being ready for whatever’s put in front of us. We’ve worked just as hard in this camp as any other camp because when I came back here in September to LA I knew I had have a fight coming up shortly.

So I was staying in shape and I was preparing myself for a fight coming up towards the end of the year.

Are you glad you’ve been active this year?

It’s been busy which is good. I’m over here for a reason. I’m over here to fight and that’s number one for me. So the busier they keep me the better and the more I climb up those ranks and climb that ladder.

Who have you been sparring for this fight?

I was sparring with David Lemieux for the “GGG” fight. I was in camp with Lemieux getting him ready for the “GGG” fight. Now in LA I’m sparring with super-middleweight, undefeated Mexican fighter Gilberto Ramirez. I’m also sparring with super-welterweight, undefeated Terrel Gausha. So I have top class sparring.

With Lemieux were you doing your best Golovkin impersonation in spars?

Not really, definitely not. They knew my talent and they knew I came from a high amateur background. They knew my speed, my distance and my timing was on point so that’s really what they had me for because they knew Golovkin’s timing, how accurate he is and everything like that.

Are you looking forward to being part of the Cotto-Canelo fight week?

All the hard core fans are going to be there for all the fights over the weekend.

It’s great for me to get the opportunity to showcase what I have.

By the time you get to world level, do you think Gennady Golovkin will still be around?

I think Golovkin will definitely still be up there. Canelo will still be up there, he’s fresh. To be honest I think Lemieux could come back. He’s still young as well. Also the likes of Andy Lee and Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank and Spike O’Sullivan, it’s going to be very interesting in a few years to see how the tables have turned and to see who’s in position and who’s not in position.

It was one of the main reasons why I was delighted with the opportunity [to spar Lemieux] for a possible fight in the long run in the future, for the experience and to see what he’s all about. Money can’t buy that experience and that learning.

Will be taking a few notes on Canelo the day after your fight?

All these guys that have a world title right now and are fighting for a world title, are number one in my weight division, I’m going to all these fights, I’m watching all these guys.

I’m going there to do my homework on them, even if someone of them aren’t champions when it’s my turn, at least I’ll be able to look at them, check out what they have good, what they have bad to see what it takes to be a world champion.