JARON ENNIS would beat Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford, according to the promoter who was on the opposing side for his last fight.

Last Saturday Ennis provided enough evidence in his win over Roiman Villa to suggest that he is the future of the welterweight division. The eye-catching performance from Ennis in Atlantic City ended with a tenth round knockout over a tough and resilient foe who wouldn’t go away.

Spence and Crawford currently lead the way at 147lbs and will settle who is the best when they fight in Las Vegas on July 29. Ennis has called for the winner but with a rematch clause in play the likelihood is that the Philadelphian will have to wait his turn if the two elite welters choose to stay at the weight class.

Sampson Lewkowicz, who promotes Villa, witnessed first-hand in Atlantic City the talents of Ennis and gave his verdict to Boxing Scene.

“I knew [Villa] was coming to fight, but nobody can beat this kid, Jaron Ennis, in that division – nobody,” Lewkowicz said. “That’s including the champions [Spence and Crawford]. He would beat both of them. Neither one of them will fight him. Both of them will go to ’54. Nobody wants a piece of this kid, I can tell you that much.

“The only one who wanted to fight him was Villa. He was really hungry. He took the punches and he hurt [Ennis] a couple of times. But this kid is something else. Ennis is the best [welterweight] I’ve seen in 20 years.”

At the post-fight press conference following his highlight reel victory Ennis told media he would attend the Spence-Crawford fight.

“Hopefully it’s a one-sided fight, nobody get a rematch. And I’ll be next, you know?”