HEAVYWEIGHT rivals  Tyson Fury and  Dereck Chisora clash again this Saturday night, with the winner earning the right to fight Wladimir Klitschko. Back in the summer of 2011, Fury, then sporting a 14-0 record, outpointed an overweight Chisora, who was also 14-0 at the time. This time, Chisora says he will be in far better fighting shape and will get revenge, while Fury claims he was a mere boy in the first fight and that he has now matured into an experienced pro.

Will it be repeat or revenge? Here, eight experts from the boxing world give their pre-fight picks:

Clinton Woods, former IBF light-heavyweight champion: “I go for Tyson Fury to win in what I think will be a hard, scrappy fight. I’m looking forward to it.”

Harold “The Shadow” Knight, former co-trainer of Lennox Lewis: “I think Dereck Chisora will win. I think it will be a close, messy fight. I also think Fury has lost some of the fire in his belly. I could be wrong, but I pick Chisora to win close.”

Jay Deas, trainer of heavyweight KO artist Deontay Wilder: “It’s a great rematch. Last time, the issue was Chisora’s conditioning, this time it appears Chisora will be in top shape and people are wondering about Fury’s conditioning due to his layoff. Still, I like Tyson Fury. He’s tough, strong and can get dirty if need be. He knows how to win. For sure we here in the states are looking forward to it!”

Antonio Tarver, former light-heavyweight king: “I see the rematch as a tossup. I know Tyson Fury is talking a confident game and of course he wants to replicate his earlier victory. I think he will win again, just as long as he doesn’t walk in and get hit with something stupid. I want Fury to win, because I want to come to the U.K and put on what would be a humongous fight with him!”

Riddick Bowe, former heavyweight king: “I pick Tyson Fury to win. I’m not predicting a KO though. Fury will win on points.”

James Toney, former multi-weight ruler: “They’re both average fighters, they’re both bums! I think Fury will get the W again. But I’d knock him out. I would travel to England and knock him [Fury] out. Fury is big but he’s only fought c-level fighters. Matter of fact, I’d fight both guys, no problem.”

Amir “Hardcore” Mansour, current heavyweight contender: “I think Tyson Fury will beat Chisora again. It depends on what Chisora shows up. But I think Chisora needs a bit more heart to beat Fury. I’m not necessarily saying Fury has lot of heart, but I think he has more than Chisora. Chisora is going up against a big guy at 6’9,” who knows how to use his weight by leaning on you and Fury throws lots of unorthodox shots from different angles.”

Al Bernstein, Showtime commentator and respected boxing expert: “I would lean towards Tyson Fury. I announced their first fight and Fury was able to use his height and reach effectively. I think he will do it again. Chisora’s big hope is to land an overhand right, and Fury has been hurt with that punch. But I think Fury will control the action, much as he did in the first fight. I see a decision win or late stoppage for Fury.”


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