“ON Saturday night Kell Brook will brutally discover that it take more than a 10 week scientific experiment to topple Gennady Golovkin.”

Abel Sanchez, the trainer of Golovkin, spoke out clearly, even if the implicit threat was chilling.

Brook has been preparing diligently with trainer Dominic Ingle and working with sports scientists in Sheffield to bridge the gulf from welterweight to middleweight.

But Dominic explained that in the past Brook has done “20 week training camps just to get down to the weight. There’s been times when we’ve had him on special diets to actually take muscle off him so he can actually safely make the weight. This is probably the only time I’ve ever seen him happy in a training camp”.

Ingle continued, “He’s had energy all the way through the training camp. Basically the odds are going to change the closer we get to the fight when Kell Brook steps on the scales on Friday and people see what kind of shape he’s in.

“This isn’t a big guy fighting a small guy, this is two middleweight champions fighting. So the advantage, if there was one, the big guy and the small guy, that’s gone. We’ve done it very technically, we’ve been to university, we’ve had him measured, everything’s been calculated, no stone has been left unturned. There are no chances with this fight. You can’t take chances with a guy like Golovkin because one mistake and the game’s over.

“So don’t blink. Keep your eyes glued. Don’t write off Kell Brook. Keep your minds open because this guy is the underdog but he’s coming to win.”