MAKING the biggest fights imaginable always brings obstacles.

When Tyson Fury got cut in sparring, postponing his undisputed date with Oleksandr Usyk in February, people doubted whether the world’s best two heavyweights would ever face one another. Boxing had already waited 25 years for an undisputed heavyweight champion, so a few more months wasn’t going to sting.

Finally, on Saturday night, the sporting world will see the greatest sport crown a heavyweight king. But who will win? Boxing News contacted several figures within the industry to get their predictions.

Fury (L) and Usyk (R) clash at a press conference for their May 18 fight.

  1. Kurt Walker (Featherweight) – It’s a tough one to call. Usyk has unbelievable skills and ring awareness. Fury is a lot bigger and is very good at using his presence to control other fighters. I think Usyk is too smart, though, so I’m going for Usyk on points.
  2. Natasha Jonas (Two-weight world champion) – I just don’t know.
  3. Troy Williamson (Super-welterweight) – Fury. Too big, too strong.
  4. Tony Jeffries (Olympic Medallist) – I think Usyk is going to be too much for Tyson. Too fast, too awkward and will win on points.
  5. Robbie Davies Jr (Super-lightweight) – If the right Tyson Fury shows up I think it could be an easy night for him. But if he lacks the desire, which seemed that way in his last fight, Usyk will be able to pip the win off him. I have Fury on points close.
  6. Liam Davies (Super-bantamweight) – I believe Fury wins. The script has already been written. He’s more than good enough to do it.
  7. Mark Dunlop (Promoter) – I have every belief that Fury will stop Usyk in the championship rounds. It will be a rollercoaster of a fight, but Tyson is too big and strong.
  8. Lyndon Arthur (Light-heavyweight) – Fury. I think he’s too big and skilful and too determined. And he has a big point to prove from the Ngannou fight.
  9. Sam Maxwell (Former British super-lightweight champion) – I’m going with Usyk. I think the Wilder fights took a lot out of Fury and he ain’t looked the same in his last few fights. I think Usyk is just gonna be too slick for him.
  10. Samuel Antwi (Super-welterweight) – I favour Usyk for this fight. I think he has had the more consistent high-level opponents. I don’t think Fury coming in light will do him any favours. Usyk majority decision.
  11. Solomon Dacres (Heavyweight) – Fury by points.
  12. Dee Allen (European welterweight champion) – I think Usyk will win on points. Fury will try to tire out Usyk by using his body weight (in clinches) to slow him down, but I think Usyk will out-box him.
  13. Aston Brown (Middleweight) – Usyk. He will adjust to Fury’s size and be too sharp and his footwork will be the key.
  14. Owen Cooper (English welterweight champion) – I’m siding with Fury. I think he’ll be too big and strong for Usyk. There’s an argument for either fighter, though.
  15. Nathaniel Collins (British featherweight champion) – Fury. His size and speed will make the difference and Usyk will struggle to get close to him and close the distance.
  16. Rhys Edwards (Featherweight) – I’ve got a gut feeling Usyk wins on points. He’s the superior boxer in every aspect apart from size.
  17. Mark Neilson (Promoter) – Usyk is by far the smartest fighter to face Fury. I think he’s the man to figure out the huge reach and range and win the rounds. Usyk points win.
  18. Nina Hughes (Bantamweight) – I’m genuinely on the fence. It’s a 50-50 fight. I keep changing my mind. I used to always think Fury would be too big for Usyk and would bully him but Usyk is such a clever technician. I’m unsure.
  19. Otto Wallin (Heavyweight) – It’s hard to pick a winner but if I have to pick one I’ll say Fury on points. I think his size will make the difference, if he can use his height and reach at the same time to lean on Usyk when he gets close.
  20. Tim Bradley (Former two-weight world champion) – It’s simple: Too big, too strong, more skilled, too long, arduous, gritty, can turn southpaw, can fight inside and roughhouse. There is only one Tyson Fury. Fury by decision.
  21. Richard Farnan (Trainer/Cutman) – I believe Usyk wins the fight on either points or by way of stoppage due to Fury’s cut reopening. Usyk is too skilled and has better footwork than Fury.
  22. Tori Willetts (Super-bantamweight) – I think Usyk will be too smart for him. Time is ticking for Fury and after having so long out the ring I think the spark may go.
  23. Padraig McCrory (Super-middleweight) – I’ve changed my mind so many times with this but I’m going with Usyk based on his form the past two years. Fury struggled against Ngannou and has been inactive.
  24. Mark Jeffers (Super-middleweight) – Usyk to break Fury and stop him in rounds 10 or 11.
  25. Sean Noakes (Welterweight) – Fury late stoppage. I think we’re going to see Fury at the top of his game because with Usyk he has to be.
  26. Leigh Wood (Former world featherweight champion) – Fury. I think Tyson will make it as horrible and frustrating for as long as possible for Usyk, leaning on him and using his size and reach.
  27. Thomas Essomba (European bantamweight champion) – I think Fury will win. He is the all-round better boxer. His height and reach advantage and his skills will get him the victory.
  28. Jack Massey (Cruiserweight) – I’m going with Fury on points in a close technical fight.
  29. Steve Wood (Manager/Promoter) – I’ve always been convinced Fury would win but for some unknown reason I have started to think Usyk. No conviction, but going for him.
  30. Shakan Pitters (Light-heavyweight) – Fury by KO. He’ll use his size well against Usyk.
  31. Terry Lane (Manager) – I have Fury by UD. I think his size will hold against the much smaller Usyk. He looks in shape, and although I love Usyk, I think he’s just going to be too small to get to Tyson.
  32. Stephen Smith (Trainer) – Fury. I think he’ll keep it long, using his reach then leaning on Usyk when he gets close to him.
  33. Liam Dillon (Super-featherweight) – Fury on points. I think we’ll see the best version of them both. I can see Fury utilising his size on Usyk as well as keeping his distance. His mobility will keep Usyk at bay for most of the contest.
  34. Mason Cartwright (Super-welterweight) – Fury wins a close points decision. Usyk being the aggressor but Fury nullifying the fight.
  35. Linus Udofia (Middleweight) – Stone cold draw.
  36. Alex Winwood (Strawweight) – Usyk by decision.
  37. Billy Nelson (Trainer) – Fury by stoppage. Controls the distance, uses his feet to set traps and won’t allow Usyk off the ropes easily.
  38. Conor Quinn (Flyweight) – I think Usyk is going to win on points. Fury has a huge size advantage but I think the work-rate and punch output of Usyk will be vital.
  39. Carl Greaves (Trainer/Promoter) – They say a good big one beats a good little one but Anthony Joshua was meant to have been a good big one and Usyk beat him twice. I’m going for Usyk. I think he’ll be too sharp and clever and will win on points.
  40. Emma Dolan (Super-flyweight) – I think Fury wins on points. He looks in great shape and seems to thrive under pressure when people doubt him. I think Usyk will cause him problems and be Fury’s hardest fight to date.
  41. Duke McKenzie (Former three-weight world champion) – I pick Usyk. I see him as the better all-rounder. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a KO finish by Usyk inside 10 rounds. I don’t think Fury has the stamina anymore or the desire to win.
  42. Eddie Lam (Trainer) – I think it’s 50-50 but I’m going with the old saying, ‘A good big ‘un will always beat a good little ‘un. Fury wins by late stoppage or on points.
  43. Gary Jacobs (Former European welterweight champion) – Fury on points. I only see a Fury win. Never ducked anyone and beaten them all.
  44. Charlie Edwards (Bantamweight) – My head says Fury but my heart says Usyk. I’m going to go with Usyk. I think he will be too slick and fast.
  45. Gamal Yafai (Former European super-bantamweight champion) – Usyk on points.
  46. Gavin Gwynne (Former European lightweight champion) – I’m going for Fury on points. It’s going to be whoever turns up on the night.
  47. Jack Martin (Super-welterweight) – Fury on points if he boxes clever, hits and moves and doesn’t let Usyk get close to him and work on the inside.
  48. James Beech (Featherweight) – Usyk on points. His better boxing brain and agility will come through.
  49. Jack Bateson (Featherweight) – I feel like Usyk will be very hard to deal with. Fury will use his weight to smother and pressure Usyk to get an ugly victory with a close points decision.
  50. Jon Pegg (Trainer/Manager) – Very tentatively going for Usyk on points. All the drama going on won’t bother Usyk but will bother Fury and in a close fight that could be the difference.
  51. Jay Harris (European flyweight champion) – I’m going for a draw.
  52. Junaid Bostan (Super-welterweight) – People are too fixated on Fury’s last performance but forgetting Usyk’s last fight wasn’t his best. A good big ‘un beats a good smaller bloke. Therefore, I go with Fury.
  53. Jack Flatley (Super-welterweight) – I’m thinking Usyk may do it with his footwork and boxing ability. I think Fury may be in decline.
  54. Hannah Rankin (Former world super-welterweight champion) – Due to his size and the fact Fury seems really mentally locked in for this one, I think we’re going to see the best of him and I’m going with Fury on points.
  55. Kal Yafai (Former world super-flyweight champion) – Seeing Fury look so light I lean towards Usyk’s speed and skills to out-think Fury and win on decision.
  56. Chantelle Cameron (Former undisputed super-lightweight champion) – I’m going to go with a Fury win by split decision. Both have a very high boxing IQ but I just feel Fury is going to get the win due to his size advantage.
  57. Quaise Khademi (Super-flyweight) – I have Fury winning by late stoppage or on points. He will keep it long and when Usyk gets close he will tie him in.
  58. Joe Hughes (Former European super-lightweight champion) – I think Fury will take the win on a close decision. He’ll use his size advantage well and do enough to nick close rounds.
  59. Wayne Alexander (Former European super-welterweight champion) – I’ve never been so on the fence for a fight. One minute, I’m swaying towards Usyk, and the next, towards Fury. This fight will go the distance and one will win a close points decision.
  60. Frank Smith (Matchroom CEO) – Fury on points because every time you write him off he proves you wrong!
  61. Karriss Artingstall (Featherweight) – I believe Usyk gets the win. I think his IQ is incredible. He’s unbelievably driven, and you’re constantly having to think when you’re in the opposite corner to him. He never gives you a second to get in a good rhythm.
  62. Lauren Price (World welterweight champion) – I think Usyk will get a points win. I believe he’s a genius when it comes to boxing. His fight IQ, his movements, it’s the full package really.
  63. Anthony ‘Arnie’ Farnell (Trainer) – I’m going for Usyk on points with his workrate upsetting Fury’s rhythm. I’ve been watching Fury in training, and his balance looks brilliant, but I think Usyk is on points with his workrate.
  64. Hannah Robinson (Super-lightweight) – I think Fury will beat Usyk on points and maybe get a knockdown, too. He’s too big and awkward and I think he’ll spoil Usyk’s work.
  65. Denzel Bentley (Middleweight) – I’m going to say Fury because I think that’s the safer option. I can see Usyk boxing rings around Fury and winning by decision but I can also see Fury making it a dirty fight, using his weight and forearm to bully Usyk to get the victory.
  66. Archie Sharp (Super-featherweight) – I think we will see the best Fury and it will go to points. Usyk will pull the trigger in the early rounds, keeping busy but once Fury finds the range he’ll be in control.
  67. Alex Arthur (Former world super-featherweight champion) – Usyk on points.
  68. Harlem Eubank (super-lightweight) – It’s hard to call. Think I’ve got to go with Fury because of the size, the reach, the awkwardness. I think it’ll be a close, competitive fight all the way through. I feel that the extra height and reach and kind of unpredictableness of Fury should put him ahead, if he can keep him at that range.

Result: Usyk 26 votes, Fury 37 votes, draw two votes, three undecided votes.