I don’t live my life with pressure.  I’m an easy-going person.  I’m the type of person, people’s opinions about me doesn’t matter, especially when I’m in the ring because I know that everything I do, I prepare for, I train hard for each and every time, in camp, in training.

I’m always training, I never stop.  I don’t take any days off.  I’m always training because I love to do this.  I love to box.  I love to be able to get in there and perform for the fans, so I don’t have any days off.  But you can’t please everybody.  There are too many billions of people in the world to try to please every opinion, to try to please everybody. Even when people said things about me, what I couldn’t do, my last fight I proved everything to them.  That made me an even more dangerous fighter because now people know what I’m capable of doing.  Not only that I’m a puncher, but I can box.  I can have fun.  I can go 12 rounds and make it seem like it is nothing.  I can take a punch.  That’s nothing, but we’ve been telling people for years what I could do, just needed the right person in there for me to display my talents.  There’s no pressure on me at all.

I don’t go in there and try to look for the knockout, anyway.  I go in there and let my hands go, and if I get the knockout, I get it.  I would prefer the knockout, of course.  This is a heavyweight division.  It’s all based about power.  When people get dressed up and come out to that fight, they come to see a knockout.  They want to see a couple of rounds or whatever, to see what kind of skill and will that person has, maybe a little heart, and then they want to see the knockout because they’ve got other things planned for that night.

And when they come to see a Deontay Wilder fight, that’s what I want to bring them.  I want to bring them knockouts, but that last fight, it meant so much more than just a knockout because I did, I wanted to prove to people what I was capable of doing.  I think that particular night, winning a title, that was the perfect moment to prove what I’m capable of doing and what I’m all about.

So, now it’s time to get back on to my knockout streak like people expect from me, and that’s what I want to do, so here we go, baby.