Joe Gallagher
Top trainer

Get rid of all fighters that have been caught taking illegal substances and banned. Ban them for life straightaway.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

Errol Spence versus Terrence Crawford and Tyson Fury versus Anthony Joshua. Don’t care about what street you are on, get them made!

Andy Clarke

That it become less tribal. That promotional and broadcast divisions become easier to bridge and fights therefore easier to make. Is that realistic? Well, if there’s a will there’s always a way, but the will needs to be there first of all.

Paul Smith
Former contender

It’s usually to eradicate bad decisions. This year, however, it extends to bad officiating. We’ve seen some awful refereeing and judging decisions and it cannot go on. The Board have had the chance to rectify things retrospectively and not dealt with it in a manner many felt was needed.