Only a couple of days left before the big fight, how are you feeling?

I am feeling good, relaxed enjoying Manchester. Everyone has been nice. I am ready to step in the ring and fight.

How has it been in the UK, and have you adjusted to the time difference?

Very pleasant, weather, people everything has been good. Yes every day is better.

Going head to head with Crolla yesterday, what was your impression of him?

There is a lot of respect, he is a warrior and a champion but I have what is needed to win and I will have my hand raised Saturday night.

What do you see as his strengths?

Conditioning is his strength. He will try to fight in short and tire me and then move in to that to finish.

And where do you see his weaknesses?

My speed and footwork will poses problems for him. He will want to fight in short and I can but I must be intellect and use my experience.

What type of fight do you see this being?

A war because of our styles a clean fight. Because we are both here to win a beautiful fight for the fans but in the end I will win.

Do you make weight comfortably?

I am very comfortable making weight. In fact I made weight yesterday so will have no problem.

The Kevin Mitchell fight was a brutal and spectacular fight, what are your memories of that event?

I have great memories and am excited to be back in the UK and anxious for the first bell to ring.

How tough was it, and do you feel it was the best fight you’ve been involved in?

It was tough because of Mitchell’s left hook but to be honest it went as I envisioned it.

How do you think the crowd in Manchester will compare to the crowd in London?

I know it will be even more in favour in Manchester for Crolla but I am mentally prepared for it and more so I know I will win over some new fans. I know they are strong in support of Crolla but I also know they are boxing fans and appreciate a food fighter.

After the Crolla fight, what would you like to do next?

Right now Crolla is the only thing on my mind as it is the most important fight in my career and my life.