IN the video below I will give you three tips which, if you follow them, will improve your boxing. But first I want to tell you how important heavy bag is, and it might surprise you too.

I remember around three years ago, I was training a kid in Box N Burn gym in Los Angeles when I saw out of the corner of my eye someone walk up to the ring, lean on the ropes and start watching me train the kid. 

I was so focused on the session I didn’t take much notice of who it was, as the gym’s usually busy and often when I train people I have people watch.

When the end of the round came, I turned round and to my surprise, it was Sugar Ray Leonard standing there leaning on the ropes. 

The kid turned to him and said, ‘Hey Ray,’ walked over and gave him a hug. Sugar Ray was a friend of his dad. I was thinking is this really happening? I went over and introduced myself. He was great, we had a good chat and he told me he was very interested in the mitt work because as a boxer, most of his boxing work was on the heavy bag and sparring.

Anyway, after Ray left I was thinking a lot about our conversation, still in shock that I had just met one of the greatest ever. I was surprised that all of his success came from mainly heavy bag work and sparring. This tells me the importance of the heavy bag, on this video I tell you what you need to be doing to get better at boxing by hitting it: