FOOTBALLERS pull hamstrings, runners get shin splints, tennis players get, well, tennis elbow, and of course boxers hurt their hands. When a fighter hurts their hands, they still have to train and get through it. This is why I made this video.

Hand protection is so important for boxers and everyone in life for that matter.

The hands were not made to punch hard heads but to hunt, feed, build tools and survive.

When I started boxing back in 1995 at 10 years old my education for wrapping hands was zero. We used old school bandages and no-one would show me how to wrap properly. My knuckles would end up bleeding because it would graze my skin, but I didn’t mind. At 10 years old, walking around with scabby and grazed knuckles made me feel like a little hard case.

Fast forward 17 years and 106 fights later, I was forced to retire due to hand injuries, having surgery on both hands at the same time.I had a hole in one knuckle and a tear in the other.

We don’t realize how much we use our hands until we can’t. I had surgery on both my hands at the same time in 2012 and couldn’t use them at all for at least a few days and it was a nightmare, let me tell you. Try going to the toilet with out-of-service paws. It was anything but easy. I was lucky because my wife is a nurse so she didn’t mind holding the sausage.

During the last three to four years of my career, I had bad hands. Even boxing with bad hands I still had to train. I tried everything and what I show you in this video is by far the best way to wrap hands.

If you know any fighters with bad hands or know a trainer, be sure to show them this video because this put years on my career:

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