How did I perfect the jab? I show you and explain on the video below but first what is the jab and why is it so important in boxing? The jab is the straight lead hand which is generally your non-dominant hand. When I was fighting I could normally tell with in the first minute of the fight whether or not it was going to be an easy night’s work and the reason was the jab. 

I knew if I could land the jab easily enough in the first round, most of the time my opponent had no chance in the fight because the jab is not just a great scoring shot but also the jab is a great range finder to set up all my other punches. 

I’ve also been in fights on the receiving end of the jab, where I’ve been getting blasted in the face and this is really frustrating. 

So hands down this punch is the most important in the sport. I’m not one to brag but I think I perfected it. 

And on this video, I show you how: