LANDING the left hook to the body can be hard because, as you throw it, you are leaving yourself open to getting hit.

Most of the opponents I stopped in my career was with this punch.

I used to practice this shot over and over, from a young age, I would be smashing the bag with the hook to the body.

It was like a game of chess for me, trying to be one step ahead of my opponent. I used to think: ‘What can I do to get my opponent to raise his hands so I can smack him to the body?’

There’s no better feeling as a fighter than when you land that shot and you can see it in their face that you hurt them. There’s no worse feeling, however, than being on the other end of it. The one time this happened to me was during a sparring session, I got caught as the bell and ohh, it was nasty!

It takes a good 10-15 seconds for it to stop hurting, but if you get hit one more time in those 10-15 seconds, you’ll end up folded like a deck chair.

Here I give a demonstration on how to get your opponent to raise his hands to hit the body in this video:

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