PLYOMETRICS are exercises that aim to produce fast, powerful movements by improving the elastic ability of both the muscle and tendons. After last week’s routine for the lower body, here strength and conditioning coach Barrie Edwards provides an upperbody workout for you to begin plyometric training, just ensure you complete a dynamic warm-up and stretches before attacking the routine.


Once in the routine each exercise should be done for three sets – with a 45-second rest between sets – before moving on to the next station.


  • PLYO PUSH-UP – Assume a press-up position with feet shoulder-width apart.Slowly lower down into press-up position. Powerfully push up with arms, hard enough to allow hands to leave the floor, before landing softly back into start position.


  • PLYO INVERTED ROW – Hold bar from below with feet elevated on a bench and body straight. Slowly straighten arms and lower your body down until arms are extended. Powerfully pull up! Allow hands to leave the bar briefly before re-gripping the bar and starting the next rep.


  • SINGLE-ARM WIPERS – Place a 20kg weights bar in a secured position. Stand with one hand gripping the bar, and body in position shown. Powerfully pull the bar upwards and across the body, then release and switch grips into the other hand during the movement, lowering the bar down and facing the other way as shown. Start slowly until you are comfortable with the technique before adding speed, and weight to the bar, if desired.


  • MEDICINE BALL SLAM – Stand straight with legs just wider than shoulderwidth apart to enable ball to fit between legs. With back straight lift an 8-20kg medicine ball above head as shown. Powerfully slam the ball down into the floor, trying to maintain a straight back through-out. Catch ball on the bounce up.


  • OVERHEAD MEDICINE BALL THROW – Stand, legs just wider than shoulder-width apart, grasping the ball with bent arms with elbows tucked in. Dip body a few inches by bending knees as shown, and powerfully throw the ball as high as you can, keeping your back as straight as possible. Move backwards and let ball drop to the floor.


  • MEDICINE BALL SIDE SLAM – Stand, legs just wider than shoulderwidth apart, grasping the ball with bent arms with elbows tucked in. Move ball over to the right as shown then rotate and lift up, around and over head in a circular motion and powerfully slam towards your left foot as shown. Repeat on the opposite side.

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