How will Kenny Bayless be feeling about officiating the world’s biggest event when Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao go to war?

I imagine he will be absolutely ecstatic. He has had a couple of weeks for it to sink in and now he will be back down to earth. I would be getting all my clothing listed, I would have two of everything ready and ironed, new shirts, trousers, dickie bow, boxing boots, even socks and black boxer shorts, check that everything fits and it would be ready and waiting in my wardrobe. I have two of everything because trousers can split putting them on, coffee can be spilt down your shirt beforehand, the stitching on your boxing boot may start to come apart, I would check my toiletries bag with scissors, plasters, velcro, needle and cotton, peppermint sweets to make sure my breath didn’t smell, nail clippers etc, everything for personal hygiene and emergency repairs.

I wouldn’t do any research on the fighters’ previous career as the only thing that matters is what happens in the ring on the night. Another question asked is will the pressure get to you, well if you find yourself in the enviable position of officiating at this level of sport, pressure is not going to have any effect on you as you must have worked damned  hard and officiated many top  fights to reach this point in your career – you make your own pressure.

My son asked me what were the pitfalls of refereeing such a big fight? Well, I don’t see any pitfalls unless you make a pigs ear of the job and the world and his dog will never let you forget it. I personally just say to myself, keep focused, nobody is interested in you, think the four Cs (commitment, confidence, concentration and composure) and then pray to God you don’t make a balls up.