What’s the most important thing in a fight? The most important thing is not punch power. It’s not speed or even fitness for that matter. It is everything that goes on in between your ears. Your mind is the most important thing.

Now what I’m about to say is going to sound strange but just about all the things that I would think about in the ring, I would do without actually thinking about it (see I told you it would sound strange). 

In training top-level fighters think about something, then do it. Think about something then do it. Think about something, then do it and keep doing this until they get to the point of doing that something without having to think about it.

Obviously, we have to think when we are in the ring but you have a split second to react to get out of the way of punches and even less time to counter so that’s why in boxing training your reaction is important.

Watch this video to see how my mind worked in the ring: